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Located in Los Angeles County, Law Office of Joseph Lee is a boutique law office that provides legal services to employees, job applicants and injured workers. Prior to starting his own practice, Joseph acquired extensive litigation experience while working for some of the most distinguished and reputable law firms in Southern California. His areas of practice includes both employment law and workers' compensation law.

Joseph takes his duty to provide quality and trustworthy legal service very seriously. He does not puff up the potential case or himself to persuade a potential client to hire him. In turn, he expects his clients to be honest. Once Joseph decides to take on a case, he fights zealously for his clients under the rules of the adversary system, while being attentive to his clients’ ongoing concerns and questions.

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In California, although employment is generally  "at will," there are many exceptions to this rule. The way employers and employees interact can be subject to both Federal and California laws which provide protection for employees and job applicants against discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination. However, each case must be evaluated on a case by case basis. 


In a digital age when information about job applicants and employees are swiftly compiled from numerous databases and used by employers to make life changing employment decisions, it is important that these employment background check reports are accurate. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, background check companies are required to use reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy when procuring employment background check reports. In addition, employers are required to obtain authorization to obtain the background check reports and give notices to the job applicants and employees before obtaining background check reports for employment purposes. Furthermore, when using information in the background check reports to take any negative action against employees or job applicants, employers must timely provide pre-adverse action notices and adverse action notices. 


Whether someone works in construction, retail, restaurant, or in an office, injuries can occur from a specific event or as a result of continuous exposure to physical and/or mental demands of the job.The purpose of workers' compensation is to ensure that workers who are injured in the course of employment, (regardless of fault of any party in most cases), have adequate compensation while unable to work, and be provided with medical treatment that is reasonably required to cure and relieve him or her from the effects of the injury. 

In California, if you have a work related injury, the workers' compensation law provides medical care for employees and, in most cases, provides benefits while the injured worker is recovering from the injury and after the recovery. In order to ensure coverage for employees, California law requires that employers carry workers' compensation insurance or be self insured.

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